Catholics ARE Pro Life

What Our Church Teaches

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The faithful have been infiltrated with misguided pro abortion “Catholic” politicians, lay people, priests, and Religious. As cradle Catholics, we had NO idea this was happening in our Church. We now know we had been naive.

Since starting this ministry in 2009, our Prayers of the Faithful at our monthly Mass For Life have been sabotaged; mysteriously disappeared from Lector binder. Our Respect Life bulletin board in the Church foyer routinely vandalized — until a handy team member built a locking cabinet.

And we’ve also been confronted by pro life Catholics that are dismayed and annoyed that we bring this topic of pro abortion Catholics to their attention. Ignorance is bliss, as they say. But we cannot stay silent.

Did you know:

  • 28% of women having abortions are Catholic?

Guttmacher Institute (Via Christian Life Resources)

  • 50% of ALL Catholics SUPPORT ABORTION?


Get educated. SPEAK UP.

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Below is a debate between Laura Ingraham, a Catholic convert — and the  “Catholic” President of CATHOLICS FOR CHOICE.


Catholic for Choice


Sr. Donna Quinn