It’s All About…

The Babies

We have been called to be God’s loving hands, His beating heart, 

and His strong voice…  We have been called to SPEAK UP.

Since our work began in 2009, AGM’s three-part strategy of PRAYER, ACTION, and KNOWLEDGE has helped us save over 1,172 babies from abortion.  Over 1,000 women do not have to live with the enormous regret of having killed their child.

These precious lives were saved by:

  • The dedicated efforts of Team AGM.
  • The generosity of supporters who have helped us purchase three state-of-the art ultrasound machines.
  • And multi-layered efforts to change hearts and minds with prayer,  education, music, and technology.

Once women SEE the image of their baby 80% — EIGHTY PERCENT, CHOOSE LIFE!


Donated to Horizon Pregnancy Clinic by AudioGirl Ministries


More of “our” Babies…

Delivery of ultrasound machine #2!

Many Hands, One Heart from AudioGirl Productions on Vimeo.


Well Done (1)

This is a very difficult ministry… But it’s comforting and encouraging to know that God is working through each and every one of us. If we listen carefully we may hear the Creator of all that is good and beautiful softly whispering to our hearts, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

Stay Strong. Stay fierce. Stay bold.

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