Mother Teresa

In June of 1986 Mother Teresa came to Long Beach, CA for America’s Welcome to Mother Teresa. Sylvia Aimerito (AGM Exec. Dir.)  and Lori Rae Martin (AGM Media/Music Dir.) were enormously blessed to help provide the music for the event and Lori was privileged to have sung a song she had written in honor of Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa “Distressing Disguise” from AudioGirl Productions on Vimeo.

Below is a download link to the song which features the actual voice of Saint Mother Teresa spoken that wonderful day.
Thank you for helping us  continue our life saving work.


It was Mother Teresa’s love of life and God that inspired us to “do something” about this genocide happening all around us and she was instrumental in the founding of this ministry.  We strive to model our passionate and peaceful approach in this battle for life after her.

Below is a video of how AGM began…

Here’s a video of Mother Teresa’s talk that blessed day.


After the event, Lori received a blessing from Mother Teresa. Click HERE to download the story told in Lori’s own words (.PDF).  Miracles happen.

The story was also posted on

Below are newspaper clippings/photos from Lori’s scrapbook of Mother Teresa’s visit. Click on image to see up close.