Core Team

Team AGM
AudioGirl Ministr
ies is a total team effort.

We’re made up of prayer warriors, hands-on event helpers and coordinators, folks who crochet, knit, sew, a film maker, composer, musicians, singers, website designer, book keeper, copywriter, writer, photographer, and sidewalk counselors.

What we all share is a profound gratitude for God’s precious gift of life and a loving and fierce spirit to protect that life.

There are primarily THREE levels of involvement:

  • Team Directors/Board of Directors who are involved with planning, agenda, and oversight – they always attend meetings. 🙂
  • Core Team are always available to get it done and get it done beautifully  – they usually attend meetings. 🙂
  • Support Team who works behind the scenes and keep us going with generous donations and event/project support – they seldom attend meetings. 🙂

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