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Music is written, performed*, and produced by AGM co-founder and Creative Director Lori Rae Martin with proceeds from sales helping to support AudioGirl Ministries.

THANK YOU for your support and your great big, beautiful heart.

* A big thanks to pals who helped with background vocals.



**Download via CDBabyiTunes, Google PlayAmazon, or The Catholic Company





**Download via CDBabyiTunesGoogle Play or Amazon



**Download via CDBaby, iTunes, Google Play or Amazon

To learn the wonderful backstory of the song and read newspaper clippings from that blessed day click HERE.

Swingin’ Santa features the swingin’ lead vocals of AGM co-founder Sylvia!


**Download via – CDBabyiTunesGoogle Play, or Amazon 

UPDATE … Swingin’ Santa is airing on Pandora and Spotify RADIO!

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