Join The Pro Life Revolution!

From the desk of Sylvia Aimerito – AGM Executive Director

You’re prolife.  You want to get involved; you want to be a part of saving the lives of our unborn brothers and sisters.  But how???

OK, here are FIVE ideas for you:

1.Does your church have a pro-life group?  Are you a member?  If not, sign up!  If you are a member then stay engaged!!

2. No pro-life group at your church?  Why not start one?  Yes, YOU!

3. Are there pro-life pregnancy centers or clinics close to you?  I bet they could use your help.  Volunteer a few hours a month.

4. Have you participated in a 40 Days for Life campaign?  They happen twice a year all across America.  The Fall 2017 campaign is going on now.  Click here for locations. If you’re a little nervous about going alone – take a friend!  Remember, there’s power in numbers.

5. Do you have AudioGirl Ministries’ The Power of 7 prolife tutorial app on your smartphone?  Get the facts to defend your prolife position.  You’ll feel empowered with prolife knowledge! Click here to get it! 

😇 Bonus idea 😇

Pray.  Pray.  Pray some more.  Now that’s something each of us can do (and should do) anytime, anywhere. Standing in line at the store?  Use that time to pray for an end to abortion.  At a stoplight?  Use that time to pray for an end to abortion.  On hold waiting to talk to the next available operator?  Use that time to pray for an end to abortion.   You get the idea.

Join us at our monthly Rosary and Mass for Life where we pray for an end to abortion.  No, you don’t have to be Catholic to pray with us.  We have Protestant and Jewish prolife advocates who kneel in prayer with us.    Click here for details.

There you go.  A few ideas on how you can get more involved in the prolife movement.  Our unborn brothers and sisters threatened by abortion are counting on you.  Are you in?


5 Comments On “Join The Pro Life Revolution!”

  1. Simple and effective ways often make huge impact. Thank you for sharing and sparking motivation!

  2. There’s many more than 5 great ideas here! Any action even if you think it’s too small, like having a prolife sticker on your car, or wearing a prolife pin can jog some one to think about their pregnancy or start a positive conversation. Be prepared to explain being prolife. The Power of 7 app can help give you confidence in your conviction.
    Thank you Sylvia!

  3. Contact your elected officials to let them know that you vote Pro-life. Contact them when there are pro-life issues on the ballot. We cannot be complacent.

  4. Great additional ideas! Here’s a link to our Power of 7 app –

  5. Thanks for posting Syl. Practical suggestions that make a HUGE difference in this fight for LIFE. I’m INSPIRED!!

    Speaking of inspiration… thank you and Lori for the BEAUTIFUL music at the San Pedro Regional Congress. I want a recording of Give me Jesus!!

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